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December is: Manage Stress Month

 Pay attention to your level of stress, which may increase during busy times or times of change. Stress comes in many forms, and can have a negative effect on health if it continues too long or feels overwhelming.                  


Basic Stress Management Suggestions:

• Physical Activity— Take a brisk walk or do something else that is active. Regular physical
activity is best for reducing stress.

• Problem Solving—Learn problem solving skills! They can improve your ability to cope.

• Relaxation Training—Learn relaxation and mindfulness skills. These skills can help you to
notice and manage the responses in your body that come with stress. Daily relaxation may
protect you from some of the consequences of stress.

• Expression—Speak up in respectful ways. Sharing thoughts and feelings in an assertive,
respectful manner can help buffer stress. Keeping negative thoughts inside can increase
feelings of stress.

• Time Management— List what needs to get done, make plans for addressing issues, and stick to the plan. There are many resources on time management in libraries and on-line.

• Positive Thinking— Stress is often associated with negative thinking. Focus your attention on
positive thoughts. It may help to practice gratitude by:

o Listing at least 3 things each day that you feel grateful for
o Asking others what they are grateful for
o Expressing gratitude by thanking others
o Asking yourself, when facing a challenge, “What can I be grateful for in this situation?”

• Pleasant Activities— You may be feeling the effects of stress if you are not making time for
fun in your life. Plan to have regular, enjoyable activities and see if this reduces your stress.

For more information visit Keys to Managing Stress.

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